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Tapestry & expansions insert

Tapestry & expansions insert

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Tame your game with our laser cut HDF organizer for Tapestry.
- Base game 
- Plans and Ploys
- Arts and Architecture
- Fantasies and Futures


Insert comes assembled and ready for use. Fits everything in the base game box and will greatly improve your setup and teardown times. Keep your cards, tokens and miniatures organized in the box and on the table. Landmarks are divided into separate trays depending on how they are earned in game.  Supports sleeves (up to 100 microns).


Includes 14 removable trays:
- 5 Trays for all player pieces. Cubes, outposts, resource trackers, buildings and overlay tiles.
- Card tray to store all cards. Supports sleeves.
- Large tray for 10 landmark buildings that can be earned through landmark cards.
- 5 trays for landmarks, each of these trays holds 3 landmarks from the appropriate track (military, exploration etc.)
- Tray for landmarks that are acquirable by other means - technology cards, space exploration etc.
- Tray for space and territory tiles, landmark tokens and dice.


This is a 3rd party product, we are selling wooden trays only, game components are not included.

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