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Star Wars Outer Rim & Unfinished Business insert

Star Wars Outer Rim & Unfinished Business insert

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Tame your game with our laser cut HDF organizer for Star Wars Outer Rim.
- Base game
- Unfinished Business


Insert comes assembled and ready for use. Fits in the base game box and will greatly improve your setup and teardown times. Keep your cards and tokens organized in the box and on the table. Supports sleeves (up to 80 microns). Can be stored horizontally or vertically.


Includes 10 removable trays:
- Ship, player mat, character cards and standee tray.
- Tray for map tiles, patrol and contact tokens.
- 2 trays for market cards.
- 2 card trays for encounter and databank cards.
- Dice tray.
- Tray for damage and goal tokens.
- Tray for reputation tokens.
- Tray for credit tokens.

This is a 3rd party product, we are selling wooden trays only, game components are not included.

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